In 1953, after graduating from Aviation Cadet Class 52G and going through gunnery school at Pinecastle AFB in Florida, I went to the 69th Fighter Bomber Squadron at K2 and flew F-84Gs for a year. I was there when the war ended.

In October 1964 I went to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, and was operations officer at Lion Control.

In April, 1965 I left Lion and went to Can Tho to command Paddy Control.

In 1973, after an extended tour at NORAD headquarters, I volunteered to go back to Vietnam to command the 505th Tactical Control Group. Shortly before I left the States we pulled out of Vietnam and I ended up at Udorn as commander of the 621st Tactical Control Squadron, which was the remainder of the 505th TCG compressed into one of its squadrons. Unfortunately, I didn't shoot many pictures at Udorn.