Let Us Escape


Let us escape this hothouse of worlds

Within worlds and ideas in a nutshell;

This brainstorming, barnstorming

Rats’ nest of noisy

Ineffective people.


Let us escape to another universe

Where time runs fast with reference to eternity;

Where summer winds are at least

Ten degrees cooler on the average

And blizzards turn gently to slush.


Nothing will require concentration.

Everything will be made simple.

Mathematics will be made simple.

Reading will be made simple.

Most communication will be by radio and T.V.

And the rest by magazines using large print

And a basic 500 word vocabulary.

People will be made simple.


No one will argue about anything.

It will be impossible to be wrong about anything,

Because the difference between wrong and right

Will be relative and subjective

And will change from time to time.

Basic questionnaires will be made simple.

Income tax returns will be made simple.


There will be time to think everything over

Before we have to decide.

There will be time to do everything over

If it turns out we made the wrong decision.

And in case we decide not to decide anything at all,

There will be plenty of time to procrastinate to our

heart’s content

Before things start falling apart.

Thinking will be made simple.


No one will have to do hard

Manual labor except when

Golfing, playing baseball, fishing, hunting,

Puttering around the house

Or making love.

Labor relations will be made simple.


Everyone will have advantages over everyone else,

The better to compete.

Everyone will have a basic right to lord it over everyone else.

Enforced by the government.

Politics will be made simple.


Let us go there, you and I.

I think we can get there by car,

In half a day, if we start early.

But let us wait

Until Sunday, so that we can spend

Part of the weekend at home,

And get to the office

On Monday morning.


© Russ Lewis July 5, 1964